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What You Need to Know About Manufactured Housing Insurance
For generations most people bought insurance through an agent.. In the past 30 years many people would call a toll-free number of an insurance company to get a quote. However, with the increasing usage of the Internet, getting insurance quotes online is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception. There are plenty of sites out there that offer to provide you an insurance quote. Many ev...

4 Tips: How To Slash Manufactured Housing Insurance Premiums 
- by Bo Miller -
When buying manufactured home insurance, you will always consider the cost initially. Price is the thing that we all look at first. When you get quots from different insurance companies, you may get prices that varying by hundreds of dollars. Before you choose the lowest bottom line read the entire coverage and compare it with other offers. To help you get the best manufactured home insurance cove...

Time to Tune Your Manufactured Home Insurance
- The Gift of Peace of Mind -
You could be paying too much.... Fill out the free quote form and we just might make you an offer you cant refuse. Dont wait for renewal to come around... get a better deal now and a better price for years to come.. No obligation, No credit check... no games or gimmicks... just a fresh look and a free professional opinion.. you have nothing to lose . ...

Don't lose that label - getting a loan or insurance may depend on it
- by John Grissim -
Every now and then I get a call from someone asking how to tell if the previously owned home theyre considering is a manufactured home (i.e. HUD-code) or a modular home, or perhaps a so-called park model home. My answer: “Look for the red metal (aluminum) label, 2 by 4 inches in size, affixed to the lower exterior corner of each of the homes transportable sections. For example, a double wi...

Insurance Question on Manufactured Home
- Manufactured Home Owners Forum - am 
If my loan is for $90,000 and this also includes 5 acres. How much insurance should I get to satisfy my mortgage company? Do I have to do the full $90,000...

How to Use the Internet to Save On Insurance 
- Are You Paying Too Much? - Wed 08/12/09 03:56:11 pm 
Cutting costs, pinching pennies, shopping smarter -- more and more people are reacting to the current economic crisis by changing how and where they spend money. For some people, it may mean fewer restaurant dinners and more home cooking. Others are making bigger changes to sav

Check Your Home Owners Insurance for Protection and Price 
- The Right Coverage for Your Budget - Fri 07/24/09 05:31:37 pm 
Buying a home can be an intimidating process, especially for first-time homeowners who may feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions they are faced with, including choosing the right insurance coverage. Find out what you need to know. Even if you purchase your home for cash you want to...