What is liability insurance?
Personal liability means you are legally obligated to pay money to another person for actions caused by you your family, or your property, including medical payments. Liability coverage protects you by providing a covering for these unforeseen events. Raising your liability coverage is inexpensive.

What is replacement cost and why do I need it?
Replacement cost on you home or personal possessions replaces the old with new without loss due to depreciation. Without replacement cost, any claim will be settled for Actual Cash Value which is the present value and already reflects depreciation. The small extra premium is money well spent.

I have a number of guns, are they all covered?
They are probably not covered fully. Personal effects coverage covers the contents of your home and personal belongings used, worn, owned or carried by you or family members. However, there are certain categories of expensive possessions that have limited coverage so that premiums can be more affordable to the general public. These categories of possessions should be scheduled.

What type of personal property should we schedule?
Some of the categories are firearms, camera equipment, jewelry, coins, furs, fine arts, musical instruments, silverware, stamps, computers, and other extremely valuable property.

How about flood insurance. Do I need it?
You need flood insurance if you live in a flood plain or if your lender requires this coverage.

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Do I have to purchase federal flood coverage?
Not necessarily, many mobile homeowners' policies have coverages available for flood and earthquake.

How are claims handled?
The majority of claims are handled directly with the insurance companies. A claim is called in and it will be handled by a company adjuster who will contact you directly.

I am going to move my home to a new location. Is there any coverage I can purchase to cover any possible damage?
Yes, it is called trip collision. It is a one time premium and usually good for 30 days.

I am over fifty. Are there any special premium discounts?
Yes, many insurance companies have special rate for insureds over 50 because they are considered a better risk.

I rent the home I live in. Can I get insurance for my personal belongings?
Yes. It covers named perils & theft. Liability is optional.

We have a home we use only for vacations. Can it be insured?
Yes. Comprehensive coverage including theft is available for your home. This is called a Seasonal Policy..

I am buying a home for a family member who will live in it and was told it couldn't be insured.
We have a company that insures these homes as owner-occupied. They are called "Buy Fors".

My home is 30 years old and I can't find anyone who will insure an older home.
We can insure your home whether it's brand new or older.

I use the home I own as a rental. Can I get coverage to protect my interests?
Yes, we can give you protection to cover losses to your home and liability.